The snow tires came off this week, although several Yoopers warned me to wait till after Mother’s Day.

But the last big snowfall was April 27—a snow day for the kids—and we haven’t had more than an inch or two since then.

My eleven-year-old daughter was indignant when she read the poem A Calendar, by Sara Coleridge. “April brings the primrose sweet, Scatters daisies at our feet.”

“This was not written by a Yooper,” Sara said.

In Snow Country, shopkeeper Samuel Clinton tells Beth, “Winter in the UP reminds us that we have hope, that spring will come, trees will bud, and we will have new life. Hope that is seen is not hope—that’s why Yoopers have real hope. But spring always comes.”

But then Mak reminded him of the winter of ‘79 when, “Snow fell even into June, maybe July. Then it started snowing again in October.”

One can never be certain in the Copper Country. My brother filled my mom’s planters on the porch in front of her gray stucco farmhouse, the inspiration for Grandma Lou’s house. The snow shovels were left on the porch, just in case.

Now with ever-so-faint green buds forming on the tips of branches, I can’t help but feeling like spring has arrived—at least in the literal sense. For many of us, winter hangs on—spiritually, physically, emotionally.

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to mark the beginning of spring, because it’s often our mothers who sustain us during our winters. When the pain doesn’t end, our mothers care for us.

I continue to experience an ongoing winter as life with my husband Todd’s ALS gets harder, but I’m thankful my mom is riding out the storm with me. She helps with the kids. Virtually every night, she massages Todd’s spastic muscles and does range of motion. And almost every morning, my mom calls, checking to see how I’m doing.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we honor the many women who have shaped our lives and have had sisu to persevere through the winters of life. We cherish the memory of those who are no longer with us. May they all be an inspiration to us.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and Grace,

Oh, by the way, I’m in the final editing stages of the second Copper Island Novel, Copper Country, and it’s on schedule for June. I’m excited to share Aimee and Russ’s story, and many of Snow Country’s other characters reappear in Book 2.

The drawing winners from my winter events are as follows:

  • Portage Lake Library—Nancy B,
  • Calumet Library—Amy H, and
  • Christian Women’s Brunch—Donna L.

I will contact each of you individually to find out where I should send your copy of Copper Country.

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