Kristin grew up on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula where the hard-working, rugged residents persevere through harsh winter weather, sustained by friendship and family, surrounded by natural beauty. Kristin’s first book, Heavy, co-authored with her husband, Todd, journeys through the first year after Todd’s ALS diagnosis as the Nevas struggle to find meaning, hold on to faith, and discover joy in the midst of pain.

It is this life experience that brings authenticity to Kristin’s fictional works as she explores themes of love, loss, and faith in the Copper Island Novels. Her quirky characters are endearing and wholesome. But they are also full of healthy grit, humor, flaws, and appetites.

Creativity and natural beauty have brought solace during the decade she has been Todd’s caregiver. She walks and skis in the fields and woods, often stopping to take pictures of the beauty she sees. She collect pinecones, birch bark from fallen logs, and pebbles from the shores of Lake Superior. These natural elements inspire and provide the material for her artwork.

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