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Jilted three weeks before her wedding, Beth Dawson escapes sunny California for the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where a young State Trooper challenges her to let go of her rules for Christian courtship. Her domineering mother chides her to stay single, and wants her to talk her ailing grandmother into moving to California.

The novel is set on Copper Island, which is on the north end of the Keweenaw Peninsula and juts into Lake Superior. Copper Island shows the remnants of an industry long since passed, and its people are rugged individuals geographically and culturally distinct from much of America. The lives of families and friends intertwine in humorous and quirky subplots.

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Snow Country

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2 thoughts on “Snow Country

  1. Good book. Nice story. Relatable characters. Good read. Challenges of life are explored and characters go to the Lord for strength.

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