Copper Country

A Copper Island Story of Family and Forgiveness.

Aimee wants to put the past behind her and embrace a bright future. She is working her way through college and navigating a difficult relationship with her father, who is oblivious to the pain he has caused the family. She loves her boyfriend, Russ, but he has his own hang-ups, which have led him to a rustic lifestyle in an off-the-grid cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Aimee wrestles with faith, family, and forgiveness as she pursues her dreams.

Copper Country is set on what the old Finns called Kuparisaari. Copper Island juts into Lake Superior from the north end of the Keweenaw Peninsula, where remnants of an industry long passed dot the landscape. Yoopers, the people of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, are rugged individuals, geographically and culturally distinct from much of America.


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